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Boy are they inquisitive, touching and feeling everything that is not nailed down. Allowing the babies to explore their surroundings without them being harmed is a balance we have achieved successfully for many years. Safe exploration is a healthy thing, and that is what we deliver to you exceptional child. We nuture their growth, so that they can soar.                  


We are now mobile, we have found that we do not have to stay in one place to find a good time. We are movers and shakers, craweler, and even shot callers. We are exploring just a little faster, but the great thing is Ms. Renee protects us from disaster


  • Story Time
  • Block Center
  • Dramatic Play
  • Art Corner
  • Warm Weather Play

*We offer Summer fun to children ages 3-5

Pick-up and Drop-off available during regular daycare hours*

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